The Struggles Of Working In Retail


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If you have ever worked in retail, you will know that the struggles are real. Here are just a handful of the problems you will encounter:

  1. You will most probably be left alone to run a shop that you have been working in for a week. In the time you are alone you will proceed to get abuse from customers no less than 5 times due to the fact that they want you to do things that you simply haven’t been trained to do yet. This will be according to them, 100% your fault.
  2. Creepy middle aged men will come into the shop when it is empty. They will stand uncomfortably close and ask you on a date. When you turn them down, they won’t budge and you will be left ever so uncomfortable.
  3. People will ask the stupidest questions. You will have to answer without laughing or calling them an idiot.
  4. When you say you don’t want any over time this week you may as well have kept silent as its a sure thing that you will get all the overtime.
  5. The same damn songs play in a loop every damn day.
  6. You will be expected to complete a lot of training so that you know every product in the store. But you absolutely can’t do any of that training whilst at work as you are too busy giving people advice on items that you know nothing about.
  7. You will quickly forget what a weekend is and the phrase lazy sunday will slip from your vocabulary.
  8. The tills know when you have a queue and when you do they will freeze.
  9. Don’t take any notice of your scheduled finishing time. You will end up staying over to fold clothes/ sweep/ be a slave.
  10. 4 customers will ask you a question at the same time and they will all expect their question to be answered first.

If you are working in retail, I hope that we can share each others pain. If you can think of any other struggles, I would absolutely love to hear them 🙂 Thanks for reading guys xx

Cadbury World Chaos!

Today I had one of the loveliest days I have had for a very long while; I got to spend the day surrounded by yummy chocolate and  my good friend Ellie. We had wanted to pay the chocolate heaven that is Cadbury World a visit for quite a while now, but decided to put it off until all school kids returned to school. Let me say, it was well worth the wait!


Before entering Cadbury World I spotted this friendly looking owl, so had to be a full blown tourist and have a picture with him. Seeing how squinty my eyes look in this picture reminds me of something that amused me today. Me and Ellie got the chance to have a go having our photo taken with a green screen and the photographer lady had to retake our picture 4 times because both of our eyes looked closed due to our happy squintiness.


The cadbury tour itself was so fab, highlights definitely being going on the world’s slowest ride that taught us all about the history of the cocoa bean,which was actually very informative, going to a 4D cinema experience that took us on a pretend rollercoaster ride (fun yet terrifying) and generally eating a lot.

To finish our trip off nicely, we popped to the gift shop/ cafe. This wasn’t any old gift shop, this was a gift shop with moving displays and clouds in the sky.

DSCF3343 DSCF3342 DSCF3333 DSCF3334

I feel like I want to end this post on a high note. So I’m going to hit you all with a picture of me and a plastic dairy cow. This photo makes me cry with laughter over how joyous I look with my life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. As you can probably tell, I had a lovely day. As ever, thank you so much for reading, and you will hear from me again soon xx


Where Have I Been!?


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Recently my blogging effort has been poor to say the least. Rather than make up a load of excuses I would rather be completely honest, I  wasn’t ever in the mood to write a post; I have been feeling forever uninspired. However, I am here to tell everyone I am super happy to be back and feel as enthusiastic about my own little space on the internet as I ever did!

Before I get right back to regular posting, I thought it would be best to give a little update on my life. Well…  If anyone read my post about visiting the University of Leeds, you will know it was my original plan to do fab in my A Levels and go to Leeds to study Law. That didn’t quite go to plan, which means I am off to uni next year, giving me time to do some module resits in my A Levels to boost my grades (Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t fail but I didn’t do “fab”). As annoying as that is, I am trying to see it from a positive viewpoint; I can work for a year and stack some money together AND I don’t have any excuses not to go travel which is something I have wanted to do forever. I’m going to insert some pretty pictures right now incase this post is getting too serious.

DSCF0772 (2)                 DSCF0775

Hope you don’t mind me inserting some off topic jelly fish, they are just too majestic not to be shown. I got to meet them at The Sealife Centre. Anyhow, back on topic. I start a job next week, which to be honest I am excited about as it will be good to have somewhere that I have to be every day. As for writing my blog, I have some really exciting adventures planned this week that I can’t wait to post about. One adventure I don’t want to give away completely; but I will give a very big (slightly obvious) clue, it will involve a lot of chocolate…. And the other adventure is West Midlands Blogger Meet Up! The lovely Kirsty who is arranging it tweeted saying there was a spare space a few days ago, which in all honestly made me realise how much I miss blogging and how social it is.  I tweeted her and bagsied that space and I will be sure to take a ton of pictures to show you all what we get up to. I suspect there may even be a goody bag for me to show (the excitement is real).

I can’t wait to share this weeks adventures with you guys. I hope everyone is well and you I will speak to you very soon xx

Adventure Time: Ross on Wye!


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Last week I was lucky enough to be able to spend two days in Ross on Wye and as I had such a brilliant time and absolutely adored all the sightseeing I was able to do, I thought I would share some pictures as it was so scenic.

11721875_931389926918649_11963852_n 11798509_931389736918668_81827332_n 11802055_931390116918630_1687086034_n 11805785_931389933585315_1992401392_n 11824168_931390283585280_899762960_n

11798297_931388800252095_583480158_n 11823725_931389113585397_1879278_n

Even though I was only there for two days, I still managed to cram in many activities (who doesn’t love an activity). On the day we arrived, we decided it would be a good idea to pay to go canoeing. I was a bit nervous for this, as frankly it seemed like a lot of hard work in the exercise department. However, I managed to finish an eight mile journey without passing out- hence my victorious paddle in the air pose!

After that, I felt like an absolute zombie, so the rest of that day was made up of eating lasagne and drinking hot chocolate. On the following day, we popped off to a massive maze, played crazy golf and finally went to a butterfly farm. The butterfly farm was such a brilliant experience, if you get the chance to visit one then please do! On our way back home we managed to squeeze in a castle visit, which really was beautiful. I have to admit though I completely failed at managing to reach the top of the castle, as the staircases were so narrow; I convinced myself that if I attempted to go up these stairs I would definitely plummet to the floor… hmm, maybe I can do better next time.

With results day looming over me (less than two weeks away), I am trying to keep myself busy; so I will be sure to tell you all about my future adventures when they happen. Thanks so much for reading 🙂 xxx

Revision Stress Pamper Haul!*


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I am pretty sure every student in the world will agree with me in saying that this time of year is incredibly stressful! Deadlines, Coursework, heaps of revision with homework on top; with all of this going on, I have been greatly neglecting myself pamper wise. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had the time to paint my nails or put a face mask on. For that reason, I was incredibly happy when Baby Doll sent me a little bunch of pamper bits, as it reminded me that I do need to take some time out for myself, so I can actually feel human again!

DSCF2015Every single item that I was lucky enough to be sent out I have adored! The day that I got the package, I had a lovely relaxing bath after a day from hell, and devoured the chocolate. Who would have thought that raspberry chocolate would be so yummy; but I can confirm, it really is.

As I am spending the majority of my weekends revising and visiting family, going out drinking isn’t really an option, unless I really want to struggle the next day. For that reason, my French Martini and Pina Colada body wash and cream added some sophistication to showering, as I am usually a Dove user (sorry Dove, you no longer make the grade!). I can also vouch for the fact that these products smell incredibly fruity and absolutely good enough to drink (something I have resisted!).

DSCF2022The final product was in short a miracle… a lip product that manages to help my dry lips!


Whenever my lips start to feel cracked, I put a generous amount of this lip butter on and it feels a hell of a lot better immediately, an effect that lasts for hours. I find myself wanting to reapply purely for the amazing mango taste.

I would like to say a massive Thanks to Jules and Mark at Baby Doll for sending me these adorable products; you have brightened my week and made the prospect of another evening of revision that little bit better! If you’re impressed by the products you’ve seen, I implore you to go and check out the company here. As always, thanks for reading, and you will hear from me again soon 🙂 xx

Adventure Time: University Of Leeds


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At long last, I have finally got around to seeing my (hopefully) future university! And I have to say, it lived up to every single one of my expectations… look how beautiful it is:


I got the chance to attend an Applicant Day this Saturday, however I arrived on Friday, as I was staying with a friend I hadn’t seen in absolutely ages; it was so lovely to be able to catch up with her and ask her a million and one Leeds related questions! We had quite a late night chatting with her housemates, and on the Saturday we hiked to the Liberty Building (walking to this building made me realise how stupidly unfit I am!). The day involved attending a Law lecture (which I found so interesting, which is a good sign!), looking around the beautiful campus and finding out more about my course. I found out that I can take modules in subjects outside of Law, which has made me wonder whether or not I should return to learning French, as it’s a subject I’ve always had a passion for. I might even be wild and attempt to pick up some German (who knows). I managed to have a chat with one of my future lecturers, and she put me at ease as she was amazingly approachable.

My entire experience of Leeds was positive; I feel like I have found my new home and I can’t wait to move there. The only down side of my trip is that by having to travel to and from Leeds, I now realise exactly how far away it is from my home town. A three hour train journey is pretty daunting when it dawns on you that that’s how I’ll get home if I ever need. I am sure that the distance is something I will grow used to however, and at the moment it really isn’t deterring me. I would love to hear any of your experiences of moving to university, did any of you move far from home? I can’t wait to return to blogging regularly this week, I have quite a few reviews to post and I am also off to a Business competition this week which I will be sure to post about! Thanks for reading 🙂 x

Adventure Time: Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair


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A little while ago I was browsing through my Twitter feed when I happily stumbled upon Judy’s Vintage Fair tweeting about their upcoming events. To be quite honest with you, I didn’t even know about the existence of vintage fairs before that point, and I was so excited about the concept that I had to get myself to one as quickly as possible. For that reason; I found myself on a train to Leamington Spa last Saturday.

Before arriving at the venue, I managed to get myself a little lost; giving me the chance to check out the scenery. Here are some of the things I spied on my travels:



When I finally managed to stumble across the venue, I was slightly in awe of how well organised the event was; it was full of amazing stalls, each offering something entirely different. One of the first stalls I browsed was owned by an absolutely lovely lady; she owned a company called Roxy Valetto, who are available to buy from on asos marketplace. She helped me pick out an amazing pair of Levi Jeans that were an absolute bargain at £10, but unfortunately they refused to go over my bum (struggles). Her stall was amazingly bright, and I was definitely drawn in by the amount of fluffy jumpers on display.


DSCF1918Whilst there, many many things caught my eye, but I was surprisingly sensible and only splashed out on two items:


I purchased this as a present for a friend from a lovely company called Diamond in the Sky, my friend has a great passion for all things Dinosaur so I am hoping she will like it! The lady working on this stall really was lovely, and quite a lot of her jewellery had a bit of a hippy feel with lots of gemstones; so naturally I loved it!

DSCF1906My second and final purchase of the day was an adorable little playsuit that was a bargain at £15 from Shado Retro.



The owner of this stall informed me that I had a trustworthy face when I asked to go try this playsuit on, so naturally I am a new found fan of this company.

Attending my first ever vintage fair really was a great experience; I had so much fun being able to have a little chat to all of the business owners and spending a good few hours browsing. If you live in England and have a passion for vintage, I would fully recommend that you go check out a fair, you can look at the many places Judy’s vintage fairs are held here. I will be writing another “Adventure Time” post next weekend as I am heading off to Liverpool (woo!); bye for now xxx

My Dislike Of School Holidays


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I know this may sound bizarre; that a student actually dislikes school holidays, but really it is true. For the last two years or so I have had a massive love/hate relationship with these breaks- and heres why.

1. If you have any chance of keeping yourself entertained where I live, its going to cost you quite a bit of money, especially over the winter months. Bus fare for a day here is £2, cinema tickets £7, and don’t even get me started on taxi fares if you actually want to go on a night out.

2. My sleeping pattern goes to absolute havoc no matter how much I try to avoid this happening. Somehow I’ll end up having a late night, which will lead to me getting up late, and then this pattern will carry on. I absolutely hate getting up late because it leaves me feeling so unmotivated for the rest of the day.

3. As a student I am used to having constant tasks on my to do list, eg read this book or finish this sheet. What happens if you take all the tasks away from me? Well, I just don’t know what to organise my life around anymore.

4. Annoyingly it always seems that during holidays, all of my pals will be busy on different days so it becomes really difficult to meet up. (This leads to my only entertainment being books and Jeremy Kyle, in these past two days alone I have completed two books and watched unthinkable amounts of Jeremy Kyle).

5. I get to the point that if I’m not going out that day, I genuinely ponder to myself is it even worth getting dressed? Without getting ready for the day I am left in the mindset that this is a day of relaxation, which leads to me not even looking at my bulging school bag and all the revision I should be doing.

6. Boredom leads to constant social media checking; and I promise you if you are checking twitter/ facebook/ emails every five minutes or so… not a lot will change. Even though I know this; I seem to keep checking anyway.

At this very moment I am 3 days into a week long holiday; and I am already going stir crazy. I dread to think what I’m going to be like over the six week summer holidays; I think it’s essential that I either get a summer job or a lot of new hobbies! Its quite possible that I have used blogging as a way to procrastinate away from my Biology revision… So I probably should plod on with it. I would love to hear if anyone else feels this way about school holidays, or am I alone with this opinion? Thanks for reading and bye for now 🙂 xxx

My First Ever Book Haul!


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I am sad to say as a student of English Literature, that I can’t actually remember the last time I read anything that wasn’t given to me as part of my course. I used to be such a big reader; I easily got through a book a week and I remember I went through a stage at around 14 where I made it my mission to read as many classics as possible. Since starting Sixth Form, I can’t seem to get round to settling down with a good book and cup of tea… which is something I have decided absolutely must change. For that reason, I had a small shopping spree and thought I would show you what exactly I treated myself to. Maybe if you’re a bit like me, reading about these different novels might inspire you to try to find some time for a good book.

Before I Go To Sleep:


I finished reading this in two days; it was the kind of book where you just need to know how things turn out. In short, its about a lady called Christine who suffers from amnesia, she forgets everything she knows about her life every time she sleeps. She spends the novel trying to figure out exactly what happened to her to make her this way, and what her life consisted of before. All I’ll say is it has some breath taking plot twists.

We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves:

DSCF1898I actually purchased this after reading a review of it from The Lilac Scrapbook. I love books that have a mystery, as it keeps me engaged and drives me to read on. The blurb tells me the book is about a girl called Rosemary, who “had a sister… who vanished from her life in circumstances she wishes she could forget”. This will be the next book I read, as I am already ridiculously intrigued!

Moll Flanders

DSCF1891This book is in fact part of my English Course; we happened to read an extract in class and I enjoyed it so much that I just have to read the whole book. The books plot contains Moll’s: “early seduction, careers in crime and prostitution, conviction for theft and transportation to the plantations of Virginia”. This sounds action packed to say the least, and I am interested to find out how a prostitute will be portrayed in the neoclassical period. As a sidenote, is it just me that finds the front cover a bit odd? Why are nipples and a farmyard animal in the same picture? I am clueless.


DSCF1893I read Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar around three years ago, and no exaggeration it made me cry for around a day solid. It was one of the most beautiful and thought provoking texts I have ever read, and for that reason I think its about time I get around to reading some of her poems. I will have tissues ready for great tear fall this time round.

Divergent and Insurgent

DSCF1900I purchased both of these because of a recommendation from a friend, she read them and absolutely loved them! Plus, when I was at the cinema recently I saw an advert for the film adaptation of Divergent, and really want to go see it. As books are usually better than the film adaptations, I thought I best get round to reading it before going to the cinema (Plus it gives me a better chance of knowing what’s going on on the big screen). I’m not even going to attempt to explain what I understand of the plot, so here is the blurb from Divergent:

“In a society divided into factions all are forced to choose where they belong. And the choice Beatrice Prior makes shocks everyone, including herself. During extreme initiation tests, Tris must determine who her friends are and whether she can trust the man who both threatens and protects her. Because Tris has a deadly secret. One that might save those she loves… or destroy her”.

As I am hoping this post will inspire others into reading, I have put links to Waterstones where I personally purchased the books (links are located above each book photo). I think its so important that we all make time to relax, and I can’t think of anything better to do that than by reading a good book. I would love to hear any of your own book recommendations, and whether you have enjoyed any of the titles I have purchased. Theres no doubt in my mind that there will be another book haul quite soon! Bye for now xxx

What’s In My Goody Bag #nyLDNmeet


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As promised in my previous post (My First Blogger Meet), I am finally writing a post dedicated to the beautiful bits that I received in my goody bag. I feel so lucky that I was even able to go to an event as amazing as this, so the fact I was also gifted with a goody bag really puts the icing on the cake. Before I start I want to put a little side note, I hope others reading this don’t think I am showing off in anyway; I feel amazingly spoilt to receive anything, and I wanted to write this post because its the kind of thing I personally adore reading, plus its my little way of hopefully thanking the companies that gave the event organisers things to put in the bags. Enough rambling on, lets begin:



Mallow and Marsh Vanilla Marshmallows: These are most definitely the poshest marshmallows I have seen in my entire life. I haven’t touched my box yet (I thought I best not devour them before I manage to get a picture), but I gave a box to my boyfriend and he loved them, and is happy to recommend them (I can’t wait to try them myself after I’ve finished this post!).

Nakd Cocoa Delight Bar: I’ll admit, this wouldn’t be my usual choice for a snack, but I am so glad I received it. It’s about time I stop pigging out and attempt to regain some kind of healthy lifestyle; I have already eaten one of these bars, and can say they are surprisingly tasty! Next time I am in Tesco’s I should steer away from Maltesers and instead go for one of these bars.

Your Tea: I have seen quite a few bloggers write about this tea, and I am so excited to try it out for myself! It says it aids with “excess fluid” which sounds good to me!

Teeth and Lips

thisiss_rounded_cornersRevlon Colour Burst Balm (Shade Coy): I think this will be a love or hate shade with a lot of people; but personally I love it! I think it will look really striking on; and I am even happier to try out this product as I am pretty sure it is the first Revlon product I’ve got my hands on.

Blanx White Shock Gel Pen: I have been meaning to whiten my teeth for absolutely ages, so now I have the tools to finally do it! Looking at both the product and the site, I am feeling optimistic that I will get a great result. I will be sure to post a full review of the product when I do use it, so look out for that!

Lipcote: I had no idea that a product like this existed, and I am so happy to have stumbled across it! After applying your lipstick, you apply this over the top and it seals your lipstick on. I think this is another product that I will do a whole review post on, fingers crossed it really does work as it will be so handy!

#LipGlam Lip Balm: I am always on the look out for a lipgloss that isn’t grossly sticky, and today I think I may have found one that is upto the job! I am impressed with this product, and would recommend it if like me, you can’t stand sticky glosses!

Beauty Accessories

this one_rounded_cornersGWA lashes: Annoyingly, this is a product I wont be able to use, as I have oddly sensitive eyes so would be nervous to use the lash adhesive (annoying!). However, my Mom loves fake eyelashes so she will get to enjoy them! I really am impressed with how thick these eyelashes are; I think they would look amazing on.

Kiss Nail Wraps: I’ve never used nail wraps, so this is something I am excited to try out soon. Overall, I am impressed with the detailing of the nails, hopefully I can manage to put them on successfully (I’ll report back on this!).


here_rounded_cornersDream Dots: I truly adore Dream Dots, and actually have a review of the product you can read here.

Halo Eye MakeUp Remover Pads: These are absolutely incredible, I have already gone through half a pack of wipes. These little miracle pads take off all eye makeup without a struggle, and don’t make your eyes sting at all. I just had a little browse of their site and discovered they are available from Superdrug; I will definitely be repurchasing.

Egyptian Magic Cream: I have read quite a few really good reviews of this, and I can’t wait to try it out for myself. It’s all natural which is something I keep finding myself being drawn towards recently.

Hair Products



Redken 5th Avenue Shampoo and Conditioner: This was a gift from the lovely Fordham Soho who also beautifully styled my hair at the meet up. Redken looks like a very fancy company, so I am looking forward to trying out a luxury brand.

Macadamia Hair Deep Repair Masque: My hair is in desperate need of this right now, so this is a product I will be using tomorrow! Fingers crossed it can work a miracle and make my hair look alive once more.

Moo Goo Goodies: I am so happy to have received some goodies from the lovely ladies from Moo Goo. In the very near future I will write a review of their products, I absolutely can’t wait to try them out as I genuinely feel so enthusiastic to use all natural products to see if it will help out my sensitive skin.

My Protein


DSCF1880_rounded_cornersI am really shocked by the amount of products MyProtein gifted all us blogging girls with- we are so spoilt! Before the meetup, I was under the impression that only massive muscle mad men took protein in order to get bigger, and if I were to take it, it would only make me put on weight (something I don’t need any help with). After talking to a lovely lady from their company, I realised I was so very wrong. You can use protein as part of your diet to aid in weight loss, and it helps you to tone up when you are exercising. Not only does it help with all of that, the products also come in yummy flavours such as White Chocolate and Strawberry and Banana. As tomorrow is my first day of half term, and I plan to be getting my booty exercising, I will have my first shake tomorrow. Hopefully I will love them, and this will mark my journey to fitness (fingers crossed!).

My gosh, when I started this post I don’t think I realised the amount of amazing things I was gifted! I feel like its my birthday all over again, and for that reason I want to say a mahoosive thanks to all of the company’s that made these amazing gift bags possible! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I will speak to you all again very soon, bye for now!xxx