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You may or may not remember me saying a little while ago that I was going to my first ever bloggers meet up! Well guess what; its actually happened… and I can honestly say it was a roaring success! The event was on the 31st of January (I have been very bad and not managed to blog about it until now- what can I say; english coursework is long!). Before the event, I managed to keep my anxieties at bay, something which I actually wrote a whole post about here.

On the day of the event, I woke up at 7am (this was a complete lie in compared to some of the other girls travelling into London, I am pretty sure someone told me they got up at 4am!) and swiftly attempted to beautify myself. This is a photo of me (pre hair and makeup), feeling super happy to be going to a meet up:


Skirt: Tesco (!) Jumper: Warehouse


Flower Sleeve Jumper available here.

I was on my train for 8:30, and thankfully everything ran really smoothly, (ie I didn’t mistakenly get on a train to Scotland). I arrived at Euston for just past 11, and had the pleasure of meeting up with these lovely ladies: Rhianna, Emma, Laura, Kayleigh, Sophie and Mara. As we had quite a bit of time on our hands, we ventured into Camden.


Camden is such a beautiful place, and I really need to visit again in the future. It’s so different to where I live now, its so lively and bustling and everywhere you glance is somehow beautiful; I mean, look at this:

10961709_614083782070890_1668160927_nBirmingham is really missing out on quirky bits like this! After spending a bit of time browsing the amazing Camden markets (I had my eyes on a beautiful leather diary, but I couldn’t think of a good enough use for it to part with £25) we arrived at our venue Bittersweet Soho. I can say with my hand on my heart that its the coolest place I have ever been to; it puts the nightclubs in my home town (with their sticky floors) to absolute shame. None of the photos I managed to get did the club any justice, so this shot is from their website (if you’re in the area you should go check them out!):


It’s just such a luxurious venue! I think luxury was a pretty key theme throughout the whole event, us bloggers were absolutely pampered by the organisers Lauren, Amy and Tamsyn (more about these ladies later!).

Here are my absolute highlights of the day:

Having my hair prettified by Fordham Soho:

This was such a treat for me; the last time I had my hair styled by a hairdresser was for my school prom (which scarily enough was over two years ago now!). The person who did my hair was such a lovely lady; we had a happy little chit about what exactly blogging is and why I blog about the things I do (usually I find hairdresser chat a bit awkward, so this was a lovely change!). More importantly, I genuinely felt so pleased with how she styled my hair. I am the first one to admit that I am so boring when it comes to my hair styling, leaving it natural 99% of the time, so it was great to get a bit of inspiration! Heres what I was left with:


The hair that was left down was in lovely cascading curls. The part of my hair put up was in a loose plait, which was then pinned up. I loved it.

My cocktail making lesson:

Us blogging girls were really lucky, as we were given a chance to step behind the bar at Bittersweet and have a lesson in making cocktails! This is something that I’ve never done, and I feel like I came out an absolute cocktail making professional. Behold my creation!


This cocktail is made up of champagne, chambord, raspberry and something else… oops perhaps I’m not a cocktail making expert after all.

Meeting the ladies from Moo Goo and Dusty Girls

I think I have mentioned in the past that I absolutely adore engaging with businesses, especially new businesses as I am always so hopeful that they succeed (Moo Goo and sister company Dusty Girls are the companies I will be rooting for in 2015!). On the day, we were put into groups to watch a presentation on the two companies, something which I found amazingly interesting. Moo Goo is a company that states it is: “Finally an alternative to chemicals for troubled skin”, which leaves me thinking why oh why have I never thought to try out all natural products for my sensitive skin? Looking at the products gave me a strong compulsion to go on a spending spree, but thankfully for my bank balance I managed to contain myself. One product which I will without a doubt be investing in in the future is the all natural mascara, as I find whenever I wear any mascara my eyes are extremely sensitive, and I end up with gross watery eyes.

Here are some of their products in all their beauty:

DSCF1650 (2)

Dusty products were equally as appealing. Their leaflet states that it is worthwhile: “Investing in quality ingredients” which is something I think I really need to get to grips with, if I have a hope of improving the quality of my skin.  I really recommend that you have a little peek at their site; if you’re not tempted, look at how beautiful their products are:


Their packaging is nearly as lovely as the ladies who presented to us!


Look at that sparkle!

Stella & Dot

A second company that I had the pleasure of getting to know is Stella & Dot. They sell gorgeous accessories, and also run a brilliant concept called trunk shows. These are described as a “pop up shop in your living room”. In short, you get to have a little get together with your pals, your friends and you have the opportunity of buying some lovely accessories and in return for being a host, on average you will earn £200 in free accessories and shop at 40% off. I have just had a little browse through their catalogue, and my favourite items have to be:


Goody bags

Everyone that attended the event was lucky enough to receive a goody bag (or two!); here is a sneak peek at mine:


In true Georgina fashion I want to talk about every single item that I received, and as this post is already becoming somewhat an essay, I will write a post specifically to go through my goody bag (I don’t want to seem like I am showing off, but I know that whenever I read someone’s post about a meet up, I adore reading all about the goody bag, so hopefully you will too).

I’d like to finish this post by saying a couple of thank yous! Firstly, thanks to every single business that has had a part in #nyLDNmeet, whether that be by presenting to us or by donating bits for the goody bags- you’ve made me very happy and I can’t wait to show your lovely products in my goody bag post! Secondly I’d like to say thanks to all the lovely bloggers I met up with before the event, you were all angels keeping me from getting lost! And finally, my biggest thank you goes out to the event organisers Lauren, Amy and Tamsyn. You did an incredible job, I honestly can’t imagine the amount of time and effort that went into organising something as big as this! If you’re a blogger reading this, and thinking you quite fancy attending an event like this, you should check out these lovely ladies twitter: @LDNmeetup to get information for future events! This post has been so lovely to write, and I can’t wait to hopefully attend my next meetup. You will hear from me again soon with goody bag details, bye for now 🙂 xxx