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As promised in my previous post (My First Blogger Meet), I am finally writing a post dedicated to the beautiful bits that I received in my goody bag. I feel so lucky that I was even able to go to an event as amazing as this, so the fact I was also gifted with a goody bag really puts the icing on the cake. Before I start I want to put a little side note, I hope others reading this don’t think I am showing off in anyway; I feel amazingly spoilt to receive anything, and I wanted to write this post because its the kind of thing I personally adore reading, plus its my little way of hopefully thanking the companies that gave the event organisers things to put in the bags. Enough rambling on, lets begin:



Mallow and Marsh Vanilla Marshmallows: These are most definitely the poshest marshmallows I have seen in my entire life. I haven’t touched my box yet (I thought I best not devour them before I manage to get a picture), but I gave a box to my boyfriend and he loved them, and is happy to recommend them (I can’t wait to try them myself after I’ve finished this post!).

Nakd Cocoa Delight Bar: I’ll admit, this wouldn’t be my usual choice for a snack, but I am so glad I received it. It’s about time I stop pigging out and attempt to regain some kind of healthy lifestyle; I have already eaten one of these bars, and can say they are surprisingly tasty! Next time I am in Tesco’s I should steer away from Maltesers and instead go for one of these bars.

Your Tea: I have seen quite a few bloggers write about this tea, and I am so excited to try it out for myself! It says it aids with “excess fluid” which sounds good to me!

Teeth and Lips

thisiss_rounded_cornersRevlon Colour Burst Balm (Shade Coy): I think this will be a love or hate shade with a lot of people; but personally I love it! I think it will look really striking on; and I am even happier to try out this product as I am pretty sure it is the first Revlon product I’ve got my hands on.

Blanx White Shock Gel Pen: I have been meaning to whiten my teeth for absolutely ages, so now I have the tools to finally do it! Looking at both the product and the site, I am feeling optimistic that I will get a great result. I will be sure to post a full review of the product when I do use it, so look out for that!

Lipcote: I had no idea that a product like this existed, and I am so happy to have stumbled across it! After applying your lipstick, you apply this over the top and it seals your lipstick on. I think this is another product that I will do a whole review post on, fingers crossed it really does work as it will be so handy!

#LipGlam Lip Balm: I am always on the look out for a lipgloss that isn’t grossly sticky, and today I think I may have found one that is upto the job! I am impressed with this product, and would recommend it if like me, you can’t stand sticky glosses!

Beauty Accessories

this one_rounded_cornersGWA lashes: Annoyingly, this is a product I wont be able to use, as I have oddly sensitive eyes so would be nervous to use the lash adhesive (annoying!). However, my Mom loves fake eyelashes so she will get to enjoy them! I really am impressed with how thick these eyelashes are; I think they would look amazing on.

Kiss Nail Wraps: I’ve never used nail wraps, so this is something I am excited to try out soon. Overall, I am impressed with the detailing of the nails, hopefully I can manage to put them on successfully (I’ll report back on this!).


here_rounded_cornersDream Dots: I truly adore Dream Dots, and actually have a review of the product you can read here.

Halo Eye MakeUp Remover Pads: These are absolutely incredible, I have already gone through half a pack of wipes. These little miracle pads take off all eye makeup without a struggle, and don’t make your eyes sting at all. I just had a little browse of their site and discovered they are available from Superdrug; I will definitely be repurchasing.

Egyptian Magic Cream: I have read quite a few really good reviews of this, and I can’t wait to try it out for myself. It’s all natural which is something I keep finding myself being drawn towards recently.

Hair Products



Redken 5th Avenue Shampoo and Conditioner: This was a gift from the lovely Fordham Soho who also beautifully styled my hair at the meet up. Redken looks like a very fancy company, so I am looking forward to trying out a luxury brand.

Macadamia Hair Deep Repair Masque: My hair is in desperate need of this right now, so this is a product I will be using tomorrow! Fingers crossed it can work a miracle and make my hair look alive once more.

Moo Goo Goodies: I am so happy to have received some goodies from the lovely ladies from Moo Goo. In the very near future I will write a review of their products, I absolutely can’t wait to try them out as I genuinely feel so enthusiastic to use all natural products to see if it will help out my sensitive skin.

My Protein


DSCF1880_rounded_cornersI am really shocked by the amount of products MyProtein gifted all us blogging girls with- we are so spoilt! Before the meetup, I was under the impression that only massive muscle mad men took protein in order to get bigger, and if I were to take it, it would only make me put on weight (something I don’t need any help with). After talking to a lovely lady from their company, I realised I was so very wrong. You can use protein as part of your diet to aid in weight loss, and it helps you to tone up when you are exercising. Not only does it help with all of that, the products also come in yummy flavours such as White Chocolate and Strawberry and Banana. As tomorrow is my first day of half term, and I plan to be getting my booty exercising, I will have my first shake tomorrow. Hopefully I will love them, and this will mark my journey to fitness (fingers crossed!).

My gosh, when I started this post I don’t think I realised the amount of amazing things I was gifted! I feel like its my birthday all over again, and for that reason I want to say a mahoosive thanks to all of the company’s that made these amazing gift bags possible! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I will speak to you all again very soon, bye for now!xxx