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A little while ago I was browsing through my Twitter feed when I happily stumbled upon Judy’s Vintage Fair tweeting about their upcoming events. To be quite honest with you, I didn’t even know about the existence of vintage fairs before that point, and I was so excited about the concept that I had to get myself to one as quickly as possible. For that reason; I found myself on a train to Leamington Spa last Saturday.

Before arriving at the venue, I managed to get myself a little lost; giving me the chance to check out the scenery. Here are some of the things I spied on my travels:



When I finally managed to stumble across the venue, I was slightly in awe of how well organised the event was; it was full of amazing stalls, each offering something entirely different. One of the first stalls I browsed was owned by an absolutely lovely lady; she owned a company called Roxy Valetto, who are available to buy from on asos marketplace. She helped me pick out an amazing pair of Levi Jeans that were an absolute bargain at £10, but unfortunately they refused to go over my bum (struggles). Her stall was amazingly bright, and I was definitely drawn in by the amount of fluffy jumpers on display.


DSCF1918Whilst there, many many things caught my eye, but I was surprisingly sensible and only splashed out on two items:


I purchased this as a present for a friend from a lovely company called Diamond in the Sky, my friend has a great passion for all things Dinosaur so I am hoping she will like it! The lady working on this stall really was lovely, and quite a lot of her jewellery had a bit of a hippy feel with lots of gemstones; so naturally I loved it!

DSCF1906My second and final purchase of the day was an adorable little playsuit that was a bargain at £15 from Shado Retro.



The owner of this stall informed me that I had a trustworthy face when I asked to go try this playsuit on, so naturally I am a new found fan of this company.

Attending my first ever vintage fair really was a great experience; I had so much fun being able to have a little chat to all of the business owners and spending a good few hours browsing. If you live in England and have a passion for vintage, I would fully recommend that you go check out a fair, you can look at the many places Judy’s vintage fairs are held here. I will be writing another “Adventure Time” post next weekend as I am heading off to Liverpool (woo!); bye for now xxx