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I am pretty sure every student in the world will agree with me in saying that this time of year is incredibly stressful! Deadlines, Coursework, heaps of revision with homework on top; with all of this going on, I have been greatly neglecting myself pamper wise. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had the time to paint my nails or put a face mask on. For that reason, I was incredibly happy when Baby Doll sent me a little bunch of pamper bits, as it reminded me that I do need to take some time out for myself, so I can actually feel human again!

DSCF2015Every single item that I was lucky enough to be sent out I have adored! The day that I got the package, I had a lovely relaxing bath after a day from hell, and devoured the chocolate. Who would have thought that raspberry chocolate would be so yummy; but I can confirm, it really is.

As I am spending the majority of my weekends revising and visiting family, going out drinking isn’t really an option, unless I really want to struggle the next day. For that reason, my French Martini and Pina Colada body wash and cream added some sophistication to showering, as I am usually a Dove user (sorry Dove, you no longer make the grade!). I can also vouch for the fact that these products smell incredibly fruity and absolutely good enough to drink (something I have resisted!).

DSCF2022The final product was in short a miracle… a lip product that manages to help my dry lips!


Whenever my lips start to feel cracked, I put a generous amount of this lip butter on and it feels a hell of a lot better immediately, an effect that lasts for hours. I find myself wanting to reapply purely for the amazing mango taste.

I would like to say a massive Thanks to Jules and Mark at Baby Doll for sending me these adorable products; you have brightened my week and made the prospect of another evening of revision that little bit better! If you’re impressed by the products you’ve seen, I implore you to go and check out the company here. As always, thanks for reading, and you will hear from me again soon 🙂 xx