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Recently my blogging effort has been poor to say the least. Rather than make up a load of excuses I would rather be completely honest, I  wasn’t ever in the mood to write a post; I have been feeling forever uninspired. However, I am here to tell everyone I am super happy to be back and feel as enthusiastic about my own little space on the internet as I ever did!

Before I get right back to regular posting, I thought it would be best to give a little update on my life. Well…  If anyone read my post about visiting the University of Leeds, you will know it was my original plan to do fab in my A Levels and go to Leeds to study Law. That didn’t quite go to plan, which means I am off to uni next year, giving me time to do some module resits in my A Levels to boost my grades (Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t fail but I didn’t do “fab”). As annoying as that is, I am trying to see it from a positive viewpoint; I can work for a year and stack some money together AND I don’t have any excuses not to go travel which is something I have wanted to do forever. I’m going to insert some pretty pictures right now incase this post is getting too serious.

DSCF0772 (2)                 DSCF0775

Hope you don’t mind me inserting some off topic jelly fish, they are just too majestic not to be shown. I got to meet them at The Sealife Centre. Anyhow, back on topic. I start a job next week, which to be honest I am excited about as it will be good to have somewhere that I have to be every day. As for writing my blog, I have some really exciting adventures planned this week that I can’t wait to post about. One adventure I don’t want to give away completely; but I will give a very big (slightly obvious) clue, it will involve a lot of chocolate…. And the other adventure is West Midlands Blogger Meet Up! The lovely Kirsty who is arranging it tweeted saying there was a spare space a few days ago, which in all honestly made me realise how much I miss blogging and how social it is.  I tweeted her and bagsied that space and I will be sure to take a ton of pictures to show you all what we get up to. I suspect there may even be a goody bag for me to show (the excitement is real).

I can’t wait to share this weeks adventures with you guys. I hope everyone is well and you I will speak to you very soon xx