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If you have ever worked in retail, you will know that the struggles are real. Here are just a handful of the problems you will encounter:

  1. You will most probably be left alone to run a shop that you have been working in for a week. In the time you are alone you will proceed to get abuse from customers no less than 5 times due to the fact that they want you to do things that you simply haven’t been trained to do yet. This will be according to them, 100% your fault.
  2. Creepy middle aged men will come into the shop when it is empty. They will stand uncomfortably close and ask you on a date. When you turn them down, they won’t budge and you will be left ever so uncomfortable.
  3. People will ask the stupidest questions. You will have to answer without laughing or calling them an idiot.
  4. When you say you don’t want any over time this week you may as well have kept silent as its a sure thing that you will get all the overtime.
  5. The same damn songs play in a loop every damn day.
  6. You will be expected to complete a lot of training so that you know every product in the store. But you absolutely can’t do any of that training whilst at work as you are too busy giving people advice on items that you know nothing about.
  7. You will quickly forget what a weekend is and the phrase lazy sunday will slip from your vocabulary.
  8. The tills know when you have a queue and when you do they will freeze.
  9. Don’t take any notice of your scheduled finishing time. You will end up staying over to fold clothes/ sweep/ be a slave.
  10. 4 customers will ask you a question at the same time and they will all expect their question to be answered first.

If you are working in retail, I hope that we can share each others pain. If you can think of any other struggles, I would absolutely love to hear them 🙂 Thanks for reading guys xx