First Blogger Meet: #nyLDNmeet


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You may or may not remember me saying a little while ago that I was going to my first ever bloggers meet up! Well guess what; its actually happened… and I can honestly say it was a roaring success! The event was on the 31st of January (I have been very bad and not managed to blog about it until now- what can I say; english coursework is long!). Before the event, I managed to keep my anxieties at bay, something which I actually wrote a whole post about here.

On the day of the event, I woke up at 7am (this was a complete lie in compared to some of the other girls travelling into London, I am pretty sure someone told me they got up at 4am!) and swiftly attempted to beautify myself. This is a photo of me (pre hair and makeup), feeling super happy to be going to a meet up:


Skirt: Tesco (!) Jumper: Warehouse


Flower Sleeve Jumper available here.

I was on my train for 8:30, and thankfully everything ran really smoothly, (ie I didn’t mistakenly get on a train to Scotland). I arrived at Euston for just past 11, and had the pleasure of meeting up with these lovely ladies: Rhianna, Emma, Laura, Kayleigh, Sophie and Mara. As we had quite a bit of time on our hands, we ventured into Camden.


Camden is such a beautiful place, and I really need to visit again in the future. It’s so different to where I live now, its so lively and bustling and everywhere you glance is somehow beautiful; I mean, look at this:

10961709_614083782070890_1668160927_nBirmingham is really missing out on quirky bits like this! After spending a bit of time browsing the amazing Camden markets (I had my eyes on a beautiful leather diary, but I couldn’t think of a good enough use for it to part with £25) we arrived at our venue Bittersweet Soho. I can say with my hand on my heart that its the coolest place I have ever been to; it puts the nightclubs in my home town (with their sticky floors) to absolute shame. None of the photos I managed to get did the club any justice, so this shot is from their website (if you’re in the area you should go check them out!):


It’s just such a luxurious venue! I think luxury was a pretty key theme throughout the whole event, us bloggers were absolutely pampered by the organisers Lauren, Amy and Tamsyn (more about these ladies later!).

Here are my absolute highlights of the day:

Having my hair prettified by Fordham Soho:

This was such a treat for me; the last time I had my hair styled by a hairdresser was for my school prom (which scarily enough was over two years ago now!). The person who did my hair was such a lovely lady; we had a happy little chit about what exactly blogging is and why I blog about the things I do (usually I find hairdresser chat a bit awkward, so this was a lovely change!). More importantly, I genuinely felt so pleased with how she styled my hair. I am the first one to admit that I am so boring when it comes to my hair styling, leaving it natural 99% of the time, so it was great to get a bit of inspiration! Heres what I was left with:


The hair that was left down was in lovely cascading curls. The part of my hair put up was in a loose plait, which was then pinned up. I loved it.

My cocktail making lesson:

Us blogging girls were really lucky, as we were given a chance to step behind the bar at Bittersweet and have a lesson in making cocktails! This is something that I’ve never done, and I feel like I came out an absolute cocktail making professional. Behold my creation!


This cocktail is made up of champagne, chambord, raspberry and something else… oops perhaps I’m not a cocktail making expert after all.

Meeting the ladies from Moo Goo and Dusty Girls

I think I have mentioned in the past that I absolutely adore engaging with businesses, especially new businesses as I am always so hopeful that they succeed (Moo Goo and sister company Dusty Girls are the companies I will be rooting for in 2015!). On the day, we were put into groups to watch a presentation on the two companies, something which I found amazingly interesting. Moo Goo is a company that states it is: “Finally an alternative to chemicals for troubled skin”, which leaves me thinking why oh why have I never thought to try out all natural products for my sensitive skin? Looking at the products gave me a strong compulsion to go on a spending spree, but thankfully for my bank balance I managed to contain myself. One product which I will without a doubt be investing in in the future is the all natural mascara, as I find whenever I wear any mascara my eyes are extremely sensitive, and I end up with gross watery eyes.

Here are some of their products in all their beauty:

DSCF1650 (2)

Dusty products were equally as appealing. Their leaflet states that it is worthwhile: “Investing in quality ingredients” which is something I think I really need to get to grips with, if I have a hope of improving the quality of my skin.  I really recommend that you have a little peek at their site; if you’re not tempted, look at how beautiful their products are:


Their packaging is nearly as lovely as the ladies who presented to us!


Look at that sparkle!

Stella & Dot

A second company that I had the pleasure of getting to know is Stella & Dot. They sell gorgeous accessories, and also run a brilliant concept called trunk shows. These are described as a “pop up shop in your living room”. In short, you get to have a little get together with your pals, your friends and you have the opportunity of buying some lovely accessories and in return for being a host, on average you will earn £200 in free accessories and shop at 40% off. I have just had a little browse through their catalogue, and my favourite items have to be:


Goody bags

Everyone that attended the event was lucky enough to receive a goody bag (or two!); here is a sneak peek at mine:


In true Georgina fashion I want to talk about every single item that I received, and as this post is already becoming somewhat an essay, I will write a post specifically to go through my goody bag (I don’t want to seem like I am showing off, but I know that whenever I read someone’s post about a meet up, I adore reading all about the goody bag, so hopefully you will too).

I’d like to finish this post by saying a couple of thank yous! Firstly, thanks to every single business that has had a part in #nyLDNmeet, whether that be by presenting to us or by donating bits for the goody bags- you’ve made me very happy and I can’t wait to show your lovely products in my goody bag post! Secondly I’d like to say thanks to all the lovely bloggers I met up with before the event, you were all angels keeping me from getting lost! And finally, my biggest thank you goes out to the event organisers Lauren, Amy and Tamsyn. You did an incredible job, I honestly can’t imagine the amount of time and effort that went into organising something as big as this! If you’re a blogger reading this, and thinking you quite fancy attending an event like this, you should check out these lovely ladies twitter: @LDNmeetup to get information for future events! This post has been so lovely to write, and I can’t wait to hopefully attend my next meetup. You will hear from me again soon with goody bag details, bye for now 🙂 xxx

A Love Letter


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Just a few minutes ago I was doing a bit of research for my Business course, and stumbled across this article that my inner romantic just had to quickly share. The article is all about famous love letters of our time, and this letter gave me so many feelings:


Happy Birthday Princess,

We got old and got used to each other. We think alike. We read each others minds. We know what the other wants without asking. Sometimes we irritate each other a little bit. Maybe sometimes take each other for granted.

But once in a while, like today, I meditate on it and realise how lucky I am to share my life with the greatest woman I ever met. You still fascinate me and inspire me. You influence me for the better. You’re the object of my desire, the #1 earthly reason for my existence & I love you very much.

Happy Birthday Princess.

This is Johnny Cash’s note to his wife June. I think it may be the most perfect, romantic thing I have ever read. I can only hope and pray that if I do end up getting married, my marriage is anything like this. I hope no one minds me sharing something so soppy, what can I say… with valentines so close I am feeling oddly romantic! Hope you are having a lovely day, and I will post again soon 🙂 xxx

Quirky Valentines Day Card Ideas


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As Valentines Day is fastly approaching, it only seems right that I write a kind of buying guide to hopefully help out any of my readers who are greatly lacking inspiration. I thought I would treat myself and let my inner stationary fiend run wild, so for that reason I will be creating a guide of the quirkiest and cutest cards I have found on the net. Here we go:5550442840090_000_d You’re my person card– Urban Outfitters- £3.50 00531833 You’re Jawsome card– Paperchase- £2.00 il_570xN.707494474_hdzm Turtle Love Card: Etsy Seller: NicAllanArt- £2.50 il_570xN.648536762_on90 Periodic Table Card: Etsy Seller: ModDessert- £2.36 il_570xN.652072513_oaakYou’re my cup of tea card: etsy seller: DarwinDesignsCards- £2.40


You’re ROARsome card: £3.25

normal_i-love-you-so-much-i-could-burst-greeting-s-cardI love you so much card: £2.50


Sloth Card: £3.25

I can’t explain how much enjoyment I have had searching for these cute cards; if a career in Law fails perhaps I should consider becoming a professional card maker! I hope from the bottom of my heart that you have an amazing Valentines day, and I would love to hear your plans for the special day. Personally, all I know is that on Valentines day I will be seeing some turtles (I have a passion for turtles as well as stationary). Theres no doubt in my mind that I will do a post including tons of turtle pictures so get excited for that! Bye for now xxx

My Fashion And Beauty Fails


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Over the years my taste in fashion (and for that matter beauty!) hasn’t exactly been the best… I’m not saying its much better now (my mom is forever telling me that my top/trousers or socks/shoes don’t match), but thank the lord it has made a slight improvement! I thought I would write a little post so that we can all cringe together over how awful my taste used to be.

Juicy Tracksuit Bottoms

shoppingSadly I can’t find an exact image that portrays the true atrociousness of the bottoms I used to own, but thankfully an image of them is scarred into my brain so I can describe them perfectly. They were light grey in color, and very very tight. I was around 13 when I owned them, and at this time I was quite a biggish girl- around 3 and a half stone heavier than I am now- meaning that my ever so large bottom had “Juicy” tightly stretched across it when sporting these trousers. I am cringing so hard, my 13 year old self was a true embarrassment.

Granny Loafers


These type of shoes were my school shoes for at least my last two years of high school. How on earth did I not get bullied? For some crazy reason I seemed to think I was pulling off a kind of granny chic, I really hope in the future if I go to purchase anything else I consider ‘chic’ someone stops me.

White Lip gloss


I remember when I first discovered make up, the first item I managed to get my hands on was a small tube of white lip gloss. I am already quite white, so with white lip gloss also on I must of looked like I was doing my best ghost impression.

Overly Ripped Jeans


I know that this style is back on trend now, but it doesn’t stop me thinking how awful it is. I remember I used to walk about with my (unshaven) knees out, thinking I was the coolest person in the world. The more I wore them, the worse the fraying got. The worse the fraying got, the more cool I thought I was. I remember whenever I used to go to my Nans wearing these jeans, she would always offer to sew the holes up for me (maybe I should of took her up on this offer!).

A Pom Pom Coat

images (5)

I think this is by far the chavviest thing I owned. My coat was grey with brown pom poms, and I remember because I am tall (5″9) the coat was short on me, meaning that my belly would bulge out very gracefully from under the coat, leaving me with a beautiful muffin top.

Blusher Stripes

were-blushingI am still a bit guilty of this nowadays! I always find that after I apply my blusher, I have to use a kabuki brush to blend out the slight stripes I have created (such a beauty failure!). However, in the past the blush I used was a lot darker, and lets just say I don’t think I had heard of blending. My face used to be made up of too dark foundation, topped up with pink stripes and crusty dots of concealer (yum).

Am I alone in having some truly traumatic past fashion and beauty fails? I really hope not, because writing this post has dragged up some awful mental images and I have been left cringing! Were you guilty of any of my fails? I think all I can hope for now is that in the future my fashion faux pas will become less numerous, and hopefully less embarrassing. You will hear from me again very soon 🙂 xxx

How I Cope With Anxiety In Stressful Situations


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I think you may all know by now that this weekend I attended my first ever bloggers meet up (I have been going on about it quite a bit now; sorry…. In my next post I will finally be showing you photos from my day, including pretty snaps of London and beautiful new products that I had the pleasure of seeing!). Anyhow, as you can probably imagine, going to a meet up in a super busy city with a bunch of people I had never met was something I counted as potentially stressful/ anxiety inducing. Despite this, a miracle occurred; I managed to have an amazingly fun day, didn’t get lost once and made some great new pals (and got a goody bag!!). Due to this, I figure that the little strategies I used to control my anxiety really did work, so I think its best that I share them. I am really hoping that at least a few people will benefit from these little tips:

1. Have a little think about what triggers your anxiety:

I realised that on the day, I could really do without freaking out in the middle of London. For that reason, I decided I needed to avoid anxious situations as much as possible, hence why it was absolutely essential to figure out my triggers. After a long hard think, I came to the conclusion that I get crazily stressed about running late anywhere and getting lost makes me panic and pretty much freeze up. After figuring this out, I made sure before leaving that at no point there was a possibility of me running late- I made sure that I arrived in London 2 hours before the event, and that I had at least a 20 minute break between each of my trains (I know for some people this might sound like craziness, but it kept me really relaxed so was well worth it). As for the getting lost, before going to London I priced up taxis from my station to the actual venue incase I did have some kind of disaster on the underground (i.e me freaking out about it being so busy and burrow like). I also printed off maps from the train station to the underground if I was feeling relaxed enough to get on.

2. Try and find people that you trust to go with:

If its possible, try and go with a friend or family member that you trust to get you to where you are going. In my case, I didn’t originally know any of the lovely girls going, but fortunately I was able to get to know a few online before we met up, and we were able to meet up at the train station. This made my feel a lot more confident and even happy to go on the underground!

3. Don’t leave anything until the last minute:

Personally, I truly believe that if you go to sleep with everything organised for the following day, you will wake up filled with a “can do” feeling. Theres nothing worse in my book than waking up, and having to run around like a headless chicken collecting last minute bits to put in your bag, or printing off last minute forms etc.  For the meet up, I made sure that I had all my snacks for the train journey ready to go, my phone fully charged and bits like spare camera batteries already in my bag.

4. Don’t be embarrassed to write yourself little notes/ put happy things in your bag:

I know that this may sound a tad lame, but if you have a little item that you think is lucky/ will calm you down then don’t be embarrassed to take it along with you. I wrote myself a little note that I kept in a pocket of my bag, reminding me that even if I freak out, I will still be Ok. I reminded myself in the note that I will be in a very busy city, therefore there will be at least one person around me that will be able to help me.

I really hope my readers don’t mind me diverting away from my usual beauty and lifestyle posts, but I really feel like this post had to be popped onto my little corner of the internet, as hopefully it has a chance to help someone else who finds themselves getting anxious and stressy in new situations. Its so important that really exciting opportunities aren’t turned down out of fear of anxiety, and hopefully these few tips can help other people, much like they have helped me. I would love to hear any of your tips, and I will be sure to speak to you all again very soon 🙂 xxxx

Easy Baking: Chocolate Overload Cupcakes!


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Today I had the pleasure of meeting up and baking with one of my old work pals. I have just taste tasted a cake (or 3) and I can happily say they were beautiful, so I thought I would share this super simple recipe with everyone.



DSCF1662125g self raising flour,25g cocoa powder, 125g soft dark brown sugar, 125g soft margarine, 2 medium eggs, 2 tbsp milk, Nutella, Decorations: (I used marshmallows, rolos and chunks of Dairy Milk)

How to make the yummy cakes:

1. Preheat the oven to 180oC/350oF on Gas Mark 4. Line a baking tray with cupcake cases.

2. Sift the flour and cocoa powder into a baking bowl. Add the sugar, margarine, eggs and milk. Whisk/ stir until smooth (This is a serious workout). This is what this step looks like before and after:



3. When your mixture looks a bit like this, you can then divide your mixture into cupcake cases. A bit like this:

DSCF1669After twenty minutes in the oven, they came out beautifully:


Now its time for the best bit… Decoration time:

To decorate my cupcakes, I spread a thin layer of nutella into the centre of the cake. I then overloaded it with chocolate by adding rolo, dairy milk and some marshmallows. I am so happy with how they turned out!

thusI have so much fun whenever I bake, and I think next time I may graduate to a trickier recipe (any suggestions are absolutely welcome!). I might even do a cheeky valentines day recipe for all the lovebirds out there. Be sure to keep your eye out on my blog for future recipes, until then thanks for reading!xxx

Mock Exam Hell and Exciting News!


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I haven’t blogged for about a week, and I am missing writing up posts for you guys so very much! As I haven’t blogged in a little while I thought I would write a quick post just to say I am still alive, and the reason I haven’t been blogging is due to the fact that this past week has been mock examination hell. I have been buried under Biology books and have been cramming my brain full of Chaucer and Shakespeare quotes. So far I have had my mocks in Business and English. To be honest, I feel like they were both not as successful as they could have been. For the real exams I have made a vow to start revising months, not weeks in advance! Tomorrow I have my last exam which is Biology (definitely my most tricky subject!) and after that I am free as a bird.

Moving onto my exciting news… This weekend I am going to my first ever bloggers meet up in London! My excitement is unreal, and I can’t wait to take a million and one photos for you all to see. I already have my itinerary for the day, and I can already tell its going to be ridiculously action packed and amazingly fun. The meet up is on Saturday, and my post about it will be up next week! Speak to you all then 🙂 xxx

Concert Experience


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I am so stupidly happy to be back to writing for my little blog; I feel like I haven’t wrote a post for years, whereas in reality I think its more like two weeks. Sadly, my head has been buried in Biology textbooks, and the works of William Shakespeare as my mock exams are next week. In the midst of the big party that is revision, I managed to go to a concert with my boyfriend! We went to see Alex Goot, who is an absolutely amazing singer (I recommend you check out his youtube channel with all of my heart).

The concert was absolutely perfect for me, for one I actually enjoyed the support act (Luke Conard– he sang a song about Harry Potter so naturally I am a new fan of his). I sometimes find that I get bored really quickly of the support act, and just want the main act to come on; but happily this wasn’t the case! I remember once I went to a gig and there was no exaggeration, 5 support acts! WHY.

Another thing that I loved was the fact that I managed to get right to the very front, this was my view:

10934161_602516666560935_1168965448_nThis show was definitely the smallest I have ever been to- there was only around 100 people and I found that I enjoyed it so much more over other larger gigs I have been to like Ed Sheeran. I mean, I was so close to Alex Goot that I was able to see every one of his tattoos (my boyfriend informs me that one of his tattoos is some kind of symbol from Zelda):


I was so happy at the end of the gig when Luke came out to have a chat with everyone, and I managed to take a sneaky picture of James and Luke together (James definitely has a massive man crush):

10951410_602516626560939_781805675_n (2)It was such a fun night and it makes me want to go to more gigs so badly. Even though we are only 21 days into 2015, I already feel like it is going to be a far more eventful year than 2014. I am really excited to be able to write some more posts detailing my little adventures, as I know its the kind of thing that I personally adore to read. For now though; can we all come together and hope that I manage to pass my mocks! Thanks for reading; and I will be sure to update you all soon on the exam situation!xxxx

The Versatile Blogger Award



vbaI am so so happy that the lovely amorebeyoutifulyou has nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award! I really recommend that if you haven’t had a look at her blog before, then do; I can’t get enough of her beauty reviews!

The Rules:

1. Show the award on your blog.
2. Thank the person that has nominated you.
3. Share 7 different facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
5. Link your nominees & let them know of your nomination.

7 Facts about Me:

1. I used to have Irish dancing, piano and sewing lessons, but sadly it turned out I’m slightly awful at all 3.

2. I had my best ever first date this year.

3. I have a pen pal from Norway.

4. I wear Daisy by Marc Jacobs every single day; I can’t get enough of it!

5. I currently own 9 bath bombs waiting to be used.

6. My favorite chocolate in the land is Dairy Milk and oreo.

7. I can speak a bit of french, and am currently planning to travel round France in Summer.

15 Blog Nominees:

Zoë’s Clothes: I love this blog with an absolute passion; everyday Zoe shows us her outfit, and her sense of style is absolutely amazing. I love hearing about her travels too!

Lucy Types: I find Lucy’s writing really inspirational; it is so obvious that she puts a lot of effort into making her posts top quality, and her passion for writing really comes through.

NicoleVanDerHeide: Nicole is one of the first bloggers I ever followed, and she is probably one of the friendliest bloggers I have ever spoke to! I love how her blogs content is varied- from recipes to beauty boxes. There is something for everyone.

Reifylove: This is another blog that I really gain inspiration from; for one the layout is really beautiful, and makes me want to change my own site about! Also the standard of photography is so high, and the posts are always on subjects that interest me e.g: Winter Skincare Essentials.

Caroline Renae: This is such a cute blog, and Caroline’s recent post ten tips to a happy 2015 made me smile.

The Nervous Traveller: This blog gives me so much wonder lust. My hope is that if I keep reading these adventures, then eventually I’ll have the confidence to travel myself.

Book of Fashion: I have recently discovered this blog, and I have really been enjoying it. I loved reading the post “New Year, New Hair”, where Heather tried out a mermaid hair bleach- it looked amazing!

Clare’s Beauty: Clare’s blog is review and haul heaven! I love her beauty box first impressions, she is really making my temptation to sign up for one greater (which my bank balance isn’t happy with!).

Little Things: This is another blog that gives me a serious urge to travel. Akviilee is always travelling, and her outfit of the days are always amazing.

Elanor May: The photography in this blog is so beautiful, and I love that the content has little rants and pictures of dogs, I can’t ask for anymore!

Joanne Doherty: I love that Joanne does “One a Day” posts where she will share photos of what she did that day, or something that interested her. This is something that I want to do in the future, as I think it lets the readers get to know the blogger that bit better.

Lauren Hamster: I only discovered this blog very recently, and I have really enjoyed catching up on its contents! The posts are kept really varied; and I loved reading about Lauren’s fitness posts.

Beauty Barmy Bird: I have been following this blog for ages, and she is actually one of the reasons that I am now attending a bloggers meet up! After reading her post on #BloggersSecretSanta14 event, I decided that I just had to get myself to one!

Travels by Lucy: Another travel blog… I may be slightly obsessed. The photography is outstanding, and its a blog that I always look forward to see new posts from!

Make Up Your Mind: This blog is awash with great reviews, and great photography. It is perfect for any make up obsessed readers (like me).

This post has practically turned into an essay! However, I really wanted to explain why I love each one of these blogs, and give more reasons for you to all check them out. I would love if all of my nominees wanted to take part in the award, but if not this is my way of telling you guys to keep up the good work! I will post again soon friends 🙂 xxx

My Photography Struggles


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Since the moment I started writing my first few blog posts I knew that I had a problem… My photography skills are genuinely laughable; and sadly taking photos is a pretty key part of being a half decent blogger. Recently I was taking some photos in order to pop a couple of pairs of earrings onto eBay, and when I loaded my photos from my camera onto my laptop, I actually laughed out loud at how awful some of them turned out. I just had to share these atrocities:





I think just about everything is wrong with all of these photos; the lighting is always either too dark or too bright, I can’t somehow manage to get my camera to focus… so many fails!

After taking at least 20 similar shots, I managed to at long last come up with this:

DSCF1399I know some people might not even be happy with this, but I know that this is the best shot I’m going to get. Please let me know, do any of you feel these struggles? And if any of you have some photography tips for me, I beg you please give me some of your knowledge! Thanks for reading, and you will hear from me again soon (hopefully with some not too bad photography on my part!).xxx